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Browse Great Health and Fitness Tools below:

Tracking your Daily food and KNOWING what you should eat is critical to a Healthy lifestyle. Below you will find great websites to track your food and helpful articles.

Once we set a Goal, the key to achieving the goal is motivation and dedication. Sometimes, you need a little extra inspiration to get motivated. From SHAPE.COM

These websites feel your pain. Beyond inspirational stories and motivating tools, these sites each have special insights, points of view, or sharing features that help you follow through on an "I'm going to do it" impulse.Use these sites to get (and keep) the change ball rolling.

What is it? The Happiness Project is an online toolkit (literally) for success. Not only does it help you create specific goals (not just the "do what it takes" pseudoplan!), but the Happiness Project Toolbox lets you track your progress and document how fantastic it feels to stick with it. One entry: "Woke up for 7am yoga, and felt so energetic for the rest of the day!".lick once to begin entering your own content. You can change my font, size, line height, color and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

What is it? Before You Were Hot is an online collection of users' not-so-hot pics from childhood or their teens (uh, 80's bangs, anyone?)—plus photos of what they look like now.

What is it? A site that makes healthy food look as good as what you see in a pastry case! While This Is Why You're Fat features calorie bombs like bacon wrapped in cheese and wrapped in more bacon—and then deep fried, this is the anti-site that showcases pretty-enough-to-eat images of foods that make and keep you healthy.

What is it? The story of Joanna, a 28-year-old mom of three, full-time student and part-time teacher who's on a quest to lose 113 pounds to get to her goal weight of 150 (she's lost 60 pounds already).

In your Journey, it will be important to measure your success. Now remember, we will measure and weigh; however it will be important to take before, during and after pictures.

Below are additional ways to measure your weightloss success other than the scale.

Most of all You need MENTAL strength. There will be times when it is easier to give up, rather than move forward. Revisit YOUR reason "WHY" everyday. Remind yourself How hard you have worked to get to where you are now.

Below are some websites for great quotes and mindhealth in general.

IT'S A NEW YEAR - 44 great things to do to start 2014 off great!

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